Passport to Freedom

Qn: Do you need to give yourself Permission to become a Millionaire?

Interesting question yeah?

“What do you mean give yourself permission to be a millionaire?”

“Of course everyone wants to be a millionaire!”

Well interestingly, I realised that becoming a millionaire starts with first giving yourself permission to become a millionaire. Let me share with you some experiences.

Many of you have heard of ‘The Secret’ right? I learnt about the Law of Attraction since 1999 but have never really been a faithful user of the law. Thanks to The Secret DVD, I started using the law again. All with a simple mantra recommended by Rev Michael Beckwith on The Oprah Show. That mantra is “I’m available to more good than I’ve ever experienced, realised or imagined.”

What happened over the next few weeks…… well I can’t really find the word but I can only best describe it as magical. (By the way, I still am not the most faithful of users…… not very consistent) The things that have been presented to me as a result were totally out of my expectations or calculations. Here’s what happened.

Every year I go to the National Achievers Congress (Singapore) but somehow, this year, I didn’t get a ticket. One week before the congress, I managed to get a complimentary ticket. That’s unexpected event no. 1.

At the congress, Mark Victor Hansen of the ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ fame was talking about Awakening the Possibility in Every Soul and within his message, I came to realise that I needed to give myself permission to become a millionaire and that’s exactly what I did then and there.

When I got home that night, I was sharing with my girlfriend how inspired I was with Mark’s talk, how much it resonated with me and suddenly, I started crying uncontrollably. My girlfriend said she had never seen my cry so intensely before. Seems kinda weird huh! But in counselling therapy, we call that the reintegrating of a fragmented self (That is when we re-acknowledge a part of ourselves that we have subconsciously silenced for a very long time). That was unexpected event no. 2. I guess it was then that I truly gave myself permission to be a millionaire but now comes the question, “How is that million dollars going to be made?”

You know the saying “When the student is ready, the Master will appear.” That is so true man! Cos the very next day, when Stephen Pierce started talking about Internet Marketing and the possibilities that come with it, my eyes became open to how that million dollars was going to be made. (Of course there were other great speakers presenting great opportunities but somehow, this one stuck with me)

Something interesting I gotta share with you here is that me and my girlfriend…… our policy was to not spend money signing up for programmes at NAC…… hehehe……. but this time, I called her and said that I think I gotta sign up for this package and guess what…… she recommended that we don’t spend the money. Well, I thought I really wanted her to understand what I was presented with, so I got her a ticket to go for the World Internet Mega Summit which was being held over the next four days and she agreed to go take a look. The interesting thing here is that we weren’t even planning to go for the summit and we did somehow got ‘led’ to go for it. That’s unexpected event no. 3.

At the summit, so many ideas were presented and we really got to know what internet marketing was about. The possibilities presented gave us insights to what appeared to be truly a “Passport to freedom.” As a result, I didn’t need to persuade my girlfriend to join me on this new endeavour, she joined me willingly and we signed up for Stephen Pierce’s programme. The signing up of a few thousand dollars programme was unexpected event no. 4 for me cos I’m a person who believes in being thrifty.

You may think that the story of unexpected events being sent to me through the universe ends here but there’s one more even bigger unexpected GREAT event!

After the summit, I thought the universal ‘good things’ have reached a climax but just two days after the summit, a friend of mine introduced me to a world renowned internet marketing guru. Our correspondence opened up a really huge opportunity for me and my friend to be working with him…… He is Joel Christopher, a.k.a The Master List Builder. A guru who has produced many gurus. Names like Armand Morin, Jay Conrad Levinson, Jason Potash, Alex Mandossian, John Reese, Terry Dean, Joe Vitale, Ted Nicholas, Mike Litman are all his students at one point of time. Now, he’s coming to Singapore to train me to be a successful internet marketer and if you would like to be trained by him, please send me an email.

Anyway, the points that I’m making here through this testimony are:

  • The Secret really works (keep practicing it)
  • There comes a time when one has to face himself/herself and make a decision to be open to becoming a millionaire
  • Give yourself permission to attain freedom of time and money
  • Be open to the opportunities that the universe presents to you cos they may be beyond your expectations
  • Take Action when opportunity knocks
  • Finally, believe in yourself, you are worthy of abundance

The Passport to Freedom for me is …… INTERNET MARKETING.

I’ve through the years been presented with many business opportunities and I’ve started businesses and have even learned valuable lessons though business setbacks. This is one opportunity, should you choose to research a bit more into, I believe you too can see that this could be your Passport to Freedom. My best wishes to you my friend.

“True Self-Motivation happens when one has found his/her means to freedom.” – Andrew Tan a.k.a OysTeR

“When one makes a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson