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    "Doubt, of whatever kind, can be ended by action alone." - Thomas Carlyle, 1795-1881, Philosopher and Author

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In the midst of being busy with work and getting caught up with the “busyness”… Sometimes it is easy to get lost in work and miss looking at our “North Star” aka our Passion or our Purpose.

The effects of such a state of mind could lead to too much mind chatter and clutter, clouding clarity and vision. I must confess when I get really busy with the momentum of work, I get “Lost” in my work. When this happened to me today, I started to remember about Living in the NOW and eternal Present or Pre-sent moment. I started to be conscious of my own body and started to breathe deeply and take a good 30 sec breathing break, recognising the peace and tranquility in the moment.

Of course, the mind still plays tricks as it is simply a “Thought Producing Machine” but then I remember a statement I read in the book ‘The Last Hours Of Ancient Sunlight’. The statement said “the eternal present happens when a thought ends and another begins” and I started to focus on feeling and living in the present. I started to count my breaths…. 1… 2… 3… 4…… 1… 2… 3… 4…… 1… 2… (By the way, for beginner of meditation, it is good to just focus on 4 breaths counts in a row cos it keeps you in the present) and after a short while, I started to appreciate every moment of my living… my being (Being who I’m Being at the moment) and progressively, all became calm.

In the moment of calmness and presence, clarity came and I started to live my Passioned Purpose. That is to Live as a Spiritual Being, to Live as a Spiritual Journeyman, to Evolve as a Spiritual Consciousness.

Try it sometimes, you’ll start to appreciate Life and the Peace that comes with the Present.


Some time back, I talked how the subconscious mind is most connected to the super-conscious mind while we sleep. I also talked about what we programme our minds with, right before we sleep and just before we wake up, has got a profound effect on the things that we manifest into reality. More on that post can be found by clicking here. I did however open up a can of worms with the statement: “Remember, the Universe gives you what you ask for, all the time, springing forth our deepest expression of our ’self’.”

So what is this deepest expression of our ‘self” all about? When I read Conversations with God, it talked about this “thing” called The Sponsoring Thought. The Sponsoring Thought is the thought or believe behind a thought and when it comes to manifesting our desires, it is this Sponsoring Thought that the Universe fulfills, Because this is the highest expression of our true ‘self’.

Let me explain this through a very candid example. Check out this Johnny Bravo clip first and I’ll explain further.

Hahaha!!! That was funny. Ok… Here’s the serious part. Notice that although Johnny’s words (thoughts) were “I’m Pretty!”…. “I’m Prettier” etc… What his Sponsoring Thought was “Competition” and therefore, the Law of Attraction here (represented by the echo) sends him exactly what his sponsoring thought asked for, “Competition”, and all other effects or results that happen throught the Law of Cause and Effect.

The Manifesting Process , according to T. Harv Eker is as follows:

Thoughts –> Feelings –> Actions = Results

I’d like to add something to that equation, using this principle of The Sponsoring Thought. That is:

Belief –> Thoughts –> Feelings –> Actions = Results

When we apply this principle to our lives, one gets the awareness that our consciousness of who our ‘self’ IS, is truly what we manifest and attract to ourselves. Therefore, the process of knowing thyself and manifesting the life that we desire, springs forth from belief, rather than thought.

My invitation here, or rather challenge to you, is to be aware of your foundational beliefs. What you Resist… Persists.

“Whatever a person’s mind can Conceive and BELIEVE, he Achieves.” – Napoleon Hill

When you unlearn, change and shift old dis-empowering beliefs, followed by a replacement of a newer, empowering belief / awareness, you set in motion the waves of change, to allow you to receive results that you TRULY Desire.

When we talk about using the Law of Attraction to manifest our heart’s desires, sometimes things can get a little unclear, especially if we know what is the result or outcome that we want, but somehow can’t seem to find the connecting experience to feed our ‘Attraction’. The question here simply is “How do I attract what I want, if what I want, I’ve not experienced before?”

Take monetary results for example. If what a person wants to manifest is $1,000,000 but more than likely, have not experienced what it is like to have $1,000,000. How does that person then start to manifest that $1,000,000?

Here’s a theory. Since our bodies are trapped in Space and Time (Chronos/Linear Time) and our Mind/Spirit exists in Kairos Time (God’s time, aka The Omnipresent, Here and Now), what we think of (assuming we did not have a body) should immediately manifest into experience. However, because we DO have a body, in order for thought to manifest into experience, Chronos time needs to take place before thought becomes experience therefore becoming reality in the body.

So…… Here’s a theory on how to manifest thought into experience, the surefire method. Use Presuppositions in your manifestations. Imagine, if $1,000,000 in your bank account is what you desire, perhaps one could manifest the lifestyle that that million dollars presupposes. Eg, The travelling lifestyle, the freedom of personal time, enjoyment with the kids, the relaxed mind etc. With those presuppositions, it is like setting the bar at a different reality, that assumes that the reality of the $1,000,000 has already taken place. If one tries to manifest $1,000,000 in the bank account but does not have a belief that it is possible and doubts that the process. It is not going to happen anyway.

The point being, if you are in doubt of your own thoughts of attraction, find a higher thought that you are congruent with and manifest that. That way, you connect your experience (past and present) to feed your imagination to bring about a reality or experience you desire. Staying aware that there are no accidents in the universe.

To try this method in a “safer”, more achievable way, perhaps you could try manifesting a good night’s sleep tonight, that presupposes that today’s burden laden chores are complete. Have fun with it!


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