Many of us have heard of the Law of Attraction and how it can be used to manifest Lasting Love and Meaningful relationships. However, how many of us have really tested it out and manifested the relationship we wanted? Allow me to share this story as it is one of the greatest success stories of my life.

In March 2000, I came out of a 5 year dysfunctional relationship which really drained me and left me jaded about relationships. It wasn’t really a question of who’s fault it was, I guess we were just not compatible for each other. Despite putting in a lot of effort to make the relationship work, it had always felt like we brought out the worst in each other and therefore had to end a bittersweet realtionship.

Over the next few months, I opened myself to healing and “took a break” from dating and partying. Synchronistically, somehow Rangy Gage’s audio program “Prosperity” landed into my possession and it taught me about the Law of Attraction and manifesting the dream relationship I always wanted. Initially I was skeptical about it but by faith I decided to put the law to the test. Moreover, at that time, I was ready to release all the old painful patterns of “getting into the wrong relationships”. (I know some of you can relate to this)

Here’s what I did. I wrote out on a piece of paper all the things I wanted in my dream relationship. I wrote them in 3 main categories:

  1. How does my dream girl look like
  2. What are the characteristics that I’m looking for in my girlfriend
  3. How are we going to complement each other

I wrote them down in point form, describing in detail. After which, I pasted the list next to my bed and I read it once before I went to sleep and once after I woke up. I did this everyday without fail.

Here’s the good part… after 3 weeks of ‘doing the work’, I met the girl of my dreams. I didn’t really recognise her at first but after a few interactions, I noticed that she fit the looks description I wrote. Of course, I made the effort to get to know her better and we started dating. As we got to know each other better, I realised that she fit EVERY DESCRIPTION that I wrote! Here’s the strange part. It was so accurate in detail to the point. What I had forgotten to write on my list was… “She’s gotta be a good cook.” My girlfriend fitted every description that I wrote but she can’t cook. Anyway, I’m not complaining man! I manifested the relationship that I wanted. 😉

It’s been 6 years, coming 7 years now and we’ve been through thick and thin but our relationship is strengthening day by day. (BTW, the 10 things happy couple do…. that’s in my Inspi-resources page, we do it everyday…. even before I got to know such an article existed.) On top of the 10 things list, we also practice being non-judgmental towards each other, choosing to clarify rather than assume. We’re still very much in love and yeah, we have our days of petty squabbles too but we always reconcile and choose to resolve. Accepting, Loving and Supporting has become a habit already. As our ex-boss Roger puts it, “these two comes in a package.” :-)

Why am I sharing with you all these? It is not to boast or impress you, it is to impress upon you that YOU TOO can manifest the relationship of your dreams. One where you complement each other and live in harmony. Supporting and growing together, towards individual as well as couple dreams. To be able to face challenges together and emerge stronger and closer to each other.

Please do write to me should you have any questions. I’ll be glad to answer any queries you might have.

Have a Pleasant Love Life

Ko Ming – This is dedicated to you. xxooxx

27 Responses to “How to manifest True Love that LASTS!”

  1. Chee Kui says:

    Thanks for sharing this tips Andrew. I can use this 😉 And I know there’s lots of single guys and girls out there who do too!

  2. OysTeR says:

    Hi Chee Kui,

    You’re most welcome! It was a pleasure meeting up with you. I’m glad that the message can help people who are seeking true lasting relationships. Check out the 10 things happy couples do in my inspi-resources page too.


  3. Chee Kui says:

    yeah =) It’s my pleasure to have a chance to meet you, Ko Ming and Donald too..
    And I have already read the inspi-resource page too.

  4. OysTeR says:

    Glad you find it useful.

  5. Angelina says:

    Well, what can i say? that my little bro has grown so much wiser? 😉

    I could use these tips for myself too…

    Good work on your site. Ich drucke meine Daumen für dich an… simply meaning i wish you all the best (to whatever you will do with this site)

  6. OysTeR says:

    Thanks sis again for the encouragement. Much appreaciated. Perhaps you could share these information with your friends too, to benefit them. 😉

  7. Chee Kui says:


  8. OysTeR says:

    Thanks Chee Kui!

  9. June says:

    I am sooooo happy for you! It is my intent to manifest true love in 2008. Like you I have been through an incompatible relationship that left me motivated to experience true love. I know that it is possible. I know that the right guy for me is needing me just as much as I need him. I pray for him and believe me when I say my heart beats for this person (literally). I know that he is not too far away.

  10. OysTeR says:

    Hi June,

    I’m motivated for you too! Having experienced how the Law of Attraction worked in my relationship. I KNOW you can manifest that right guy of yours. Keep the faith!

    I also wanted to add a note that prayer is most effective when it is used with Gratitude. I believe that what you asked for has already been given to you. It is up to you to receive it. So when prayer is used as a “Thank you God for presenting this …. into my life, I’m truly grateful.”, you allow yourself to receive what you requested for.

    When I practiced the LOA in my relationship, she Appeared in my life 3 weeks after I started practicing it. So I believe your right guy is literally, not too far away.


  11. Angela Chen Shui says:


    Thanks for sharing.

    This is important not only for singles but for persons in relationships who know that they are truly not happy but who are scared to choose that they deserve more.

    Sometimes it’s just time to say ‘I love you, thanks for this relationship and now it’s time to follow our separate paths’. This way, after doing the work on self healing, clarity and focus that you so well described, a truly satisfying and fulfilling partnership can be manifested.

    Blessings and keep up the great work/play! 😉


  12. Aum says:

    Hey Oyster…I totally relate with your story..I was in a Five year relationship that started going bittersweet in the 4th year…Didnt find anyone who suited some of my “Requirements list” (as i called it) for another 2 years… just broke off a 3 1/2 year relationship with that someone i thought was the one but was still too immature and petty minded when it came to certain issues. My mind wants my body to leave this country and fly to a new land in search of her but still sense it wont be “HER”… but ll try your technique for sure and with a new mind-set maybe she’ll be on the Flight :D… Thanks again.. really enjoyed reading all the posts here..will check back soon…how do i subscribe to all your articles…only found Spirutual news feed??

  13. OysTeR says:

    Hi Aum,

    Glad you found that post useful. I sincerely wish you all the best in finding your soul mate.

    You can subscribe to my blog using this link

    Remember, these LOA techniques are 100% accurate… sooooo “Be careful what you wish for, cos you might just get it.”

  14. Tiffany says:

    thank you for sharing such wonderful story with us. I am motivate as well. I use to doubt the manifestation before i have been praying so long to find the one for me but till now is still in vain. After reading your story it makes me felt true love is worth fighting for thus i shall continue to belief that my i shall meet my true love soon.

  15. OysTeR says:

    Hi Tiffany,

    Glad to hear from you and I’m glad that what I shared made a difference to you. All the best! Remember that true love need not be about “fighting for” (mindset). If you allow yourself to be loved, you’ll find love.

    Each one of us has a divine side to us and it is called intuition. When you meet someone, as yourself “what does my intuition say about this person” and follow that inner voice. It’ll guide you.

    Have a great week.


  16. TEvolving says:


    I just want to say thank you for sharing your story.

    I, too, am just coming out of a extremely toxic relationship and I have been left jaded about humanity in general as a result. But, I do believe in the Law of Attraction! I really am a positive person in general but this relationship has me flipped turned upside-down. When I met my ex, he was everything that my main dreams and hopes were of.

    I guess next time around I should be much more specific, huh? LOL!

    Just thanks.


  17. OysTeR says:

    Hi TEvolving,

    Nice hearing from you and thanks for writing your comment.

    Yup, being specific definitely helps. However, be careful what you wish for because you might just get it.

    So, be specific to exactly what you want and not some fantasy ok?



  18. Sasha Gurl says:

    Helo all! ^^

    Wow! This is amazing! 3 weeks!! :)) That’s so cool! ^^
    Me too, writing lists about specific details in partner.
    I Just want to ask, if I’m unsure about my life partner details such as,
    I don’t whether to write brown hair or black hair.
    (Cos I believe brown or black or mixed, they are good looking if THEY love their own hair! 😛 )
    Anyway, since I have never been in relationship before and not sure about dating,
    I don’t how to react or approach calmly, when my dream life partner comes.

    Can you give me tips on how you did your list?
    Is it like you did it in point forms ONLY? Would you like to share more :)

    Thanks! :)

  19. OysTeR says:

    Hi Sasha,

    Glad the post helped you. I did my list in point form only.

    The idea is to WRITE THE LIST and to Be CAREFUL What You Wish For Cos You Might Just Get It.

    Be sure what you write is EXACTLY what you are looking for. :)

    Have a great week.


  20. yashu says:

    hey oyster…ur story iz surely vry xciting nd unbelievebl…bt wt m confused is dt we only hv 2 luk at the details v hv writtn bout out dream partner twice a day or we hv 2 feel of being wd her/him…m too skeptic bout it bt if dis thing gonna happen it wl blow ma mind….thnx 4 sharin ur strory wch iz truly story is also smwt same bt i still hv2 manifest ma dream gal…plz temme d bottom line wch shud b kept in mind while menifestin dreamdate…n wt ol necessery steps shud b take.?????

    thanx a lot…
    u r truly 1 inspirin person…

  21. OysTeR says:

    Hi Yashu,

    Your comment is really tough to read! Please write with complete English words in future if you want a reply.

    Anyway the point is you should let the Universe and your subconscious mind work in sync.

    Skepticism creates doubt. If you doubt, you cast a stumbling block in your own path of manifestation.

    Just follow the steps… AND TRUST THE STEPS!

  22. yashu says:

    hey oyster,

    i am really sorry…i just wanted to know from you as what all necessary steps should i take to manifest my dream date…is it just that i have to read all the points i wrote which i want in my dream girl or i have to sit for sum time to feel how she should be i.e to feel each point i wrote about her…..and is there any girl on this planet who will be exactly the way i want..:D…..

    thanx a lot…XoXO

  23. Glenn Cura says:

    Well now, such a great experience it has been looking over a blog such as this. And so I thought I would make a post. This blog was actually suggested to me by someone I work with so based on that I thought I should get myself over here & check it over and yes, my friend was right… terrific effort. It is a shame but there are so many sites out there that are dull & it is cetainly refreshing to see someone putting in the effort to get it right, keep it up.

  24. Melanie says:

    Hi i was reading your blog about how you manifested your soulmate. Heres the thing when i 1st heard about doing this i did it and i tryed it, i stayed with it here and there but i never put my all on what i needed to do, fine then a man came along and we started our relationship and everything was going well and then everything started getting bad so i was thinking whats wrong well as we were on and off one day i came across that paper where i wrote all the information about my soulmate and everything thing i wrote was him even how this man looks like you i did not realize it until i came across this paper again and started putting it together but heres the thing i half way manifested and thats what i been doing half way mani-festing things here what i want to ask you is there any way i can remanifest him into the things i want and to make our situation right and exactly what would i have to do to fully manifest it to its completeness this time.. thank you

  25. OysTeR says:

    Hi Melanie,

    What’s I’m offering here is my opinion and I don’t claim to be any expert on the subject matter.

    However, what I do understand from such a universal law is that you cannot force anyone to BE that kind of person you wanna manifest. You also cannot force the universe to give you what you want. You can only ALLOW the universe to bring to you what you are asking for, based on your standards and declare it to the universe to allow such things / people to happen to you.

    What is being written is you declaring to the universe what is it that you desire. If what you manifested is what you wrote halfway, then perhaps that’s just that. There is no right or wrong here.

    If you do write again and set a new standard. What you’d be declaring is THAT is your new standard. If he does change to become that, good on you. However in a relationship, you cannot force or change someone to be what they are not. However, the universe might send you another person that’s according to what you rewrote.

    Put it in another perspective, you can’t make someone love you. You can however allow yourself to be loved and let the universe bring to you the love that suits you best.

    Hope that helps.


  26. Melanie says:

    Hey oyster,
    You are absolutely right i cant make any 1 love me and i wont ever try and force any body to do so either. But this man and i do already love each other very much, and i have used the manifestation tecnique in our relationship and i have seen results, sometimes i feel that god and the universe could have taken him away to make him better or maybe not, funny thing is everytime i ask the universe if were ment 2 be show me threw a sign nothin big jus 4 him 2 pop up or call at a certain time it happens. so who knows only the universe and god. But thats what ill do just allow the universe and god to do there job and i will jus follow my outline see where the universe and god takes me. Your opinion is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time. Have a great day. Also keep up the good work on your page, you have truly helped many.

  27. Yasharth says:

    Hey Oyster,
    my situation is somewhat same to that of Melanie…i too got hooked up with a girl soon i wrote down the qualities as prescribed by you…i did this way for a couple of weeks and then i stopped dont know why….soon came a girl in my life…but could not be together for more then 3 months…she was nice but couldnt work out anything between us..she too bear many qualities as i wrote down….anyways i dont want to manifest her back….i am really confused was it the power of attraction or just by fluke….i take care of myself a lot…i care for my looks,health and hygiene…girls looks at me ,they stare me which is enough to say that i am really attractive but the problem is why dont they approach me….i try to be better then the rest but the truth is the other guys have their girl and i possessing all is still single…i dont know what to do…the type of girl i want has to be very special and different and i really never came across such girls more then twice…i feel really low….should i forget my dreamgirl and settle with just another regular girl because such girl i want i never came across her….i might be too demanding..but considering my previous realtions my girls used to get complexed with me,.,..this is the reason why i want a girl to be extremly special and really pretty…if i am very handsome and smart wny shouldnt i get very attractive girl…..i know such way of writing is lame and stupid but think as a person and not as GOD…everybody wants somebody to be the best of all…PLEASE OYESTER tell me is it possible to manifest the type of girl i want….or my demands are just dreams which can never be fullfilled and is just a fantasy….i had girlfriends but i never felt anything for them because they never met my demands and requirements and instead turned me off every single time….they complaind me that they are below my standards and should find some extremely attractive girl and hence they left me….i am not even a bad guy..why this is happening to me????i never complained any girl but truth is i too never felt for them the way i feel for my dreamgirl which is still a fantasy…i am really in a state of confusion as what to do now????please reply i really need your advice as how to really manifest my dreamgirl….i am little demanding but i am not a bad guy at heart at all…..i cannot bet on my looks and appeaerence for once but can definetly bet that i have a good and kind heart….S.O.S

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