Thoughts Become Reality!

That is one of the fundamental laws of the universe. If we look at everything all around us, all of them started off first as a thought. From a non-physical point of view, it could then be concluded that our thoughts about things and events shape our reality of happiness, sadness, peace, joy… perhaps even love. So then if thoughts become reality, what happens when chronic thoughts are repeated over and over again? What happens to the reality of that person? Of course if the thoughts are positive, they produce positive results but what if they are negative?

For discussion purpose, lets talk about chronic thoughts of “Wanting”. Many times I hear people pray and all they pray about are things like: “God, please give me…….”, “I don’t want ……… Please take this burden off me.” Prayers that springs from thoughts of wanting something, which if we look deeper, springs from thoughts of lack, limitation and separation from the source. With thoughts shaping reality, wouldn’t such thoughts just perpetuate the reality of wanting, yearning and longing? The reality of that person then becoming, “I’ve been asking and praying but I still don’t get it.” Why me? Poor me!

If what a person is seeking for is to achieve or have something, shouldn’t the thoughts then be thoughts of gratitude? Prayers that say: “Thank you for ………..” and “I’m grateful for ………..” kinds of prayers that is open to receiving instead of prayers and thoughts that keep producing the reality of wanting. The question that comes to mind here then is “Could it be that all that we are asking for has already been given to us but we are not yet open to receiving it?

So how to make the shift then? In my humble opinion, Perception is the key word here. If one perceives that one has no control aver the things that happen to them, then that becomes their reality. If one perceives that one could take responsibility of the things that are happening in one’s life and look at it as he/she has made conscious choices that led to this reality. Then perhaps…… a positive shift could happen, from victim-hood to victor-hood.

Ultimately, it surfaces one’s believe of a Source of Providence or a Source of Lack and Limitation. I know I’m opening a can of worms here with this discussion. However, let’s keep the discussion going so that we all can learn…… with an open mind of course. Be aware of your chronic thoughts my friend.

2 Responses to “Does the thought of Wanting produce just more Wanting?”

  1. nay min thu says:

    It’s the universal law of attraction. Positive thoughts lead to positive actions and vice versa.

  2. OysTeR says:

    Hi Nay Min Thu,

    Thanks for your comment. You hit the nail on the head there with you statement.

    I hope more people can be aware of their thoughts so that they can truly create the life they desire.


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