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It was early in 2008 that I consciously applied the Law of Attraction. I visualized myself as being financially independent and resonating Success but at that time, I was pretty broke.

I was a person who gave good value and had my small financial successes along the way. However, I was in a pattern of manifesting people who are "wolves in sheep’s clothing" and got exploited of my talents and not receive the deserving financial rewards that I was meant to get.

In my most recent business joint venture, which lasted till July this year. I manifested a really oppressive business partner who was a preacher of good and generosity but in reality an oppressive bully who takes advantage of people and exploit them. He’s a subjective person whose word has little value because agreements can always be rescinded, using the standard BJE… that means Blame, Justify, Excuse. But when a person starts to be bad with money payments, I guess that is really the end of a partnership, in spite of tolerance level. May he come to his personal awareness shifts soon, so that his full blessings can be manifested.

Needless to say, I was caught in a destructive pattern. However, when I took responsibility that I allowed him to be this way, I realised that I manifested this person into my life to teach me valuable lessons at that life stage. When I allowed the lessons to resonate in me, the lesson being, "Choice is always in our hands", I realised I could choose my pattern of destruction or I could choose for the pattern to stop. I decided that it had to stop and I learned from it.

Funny thing though, thinking back of how I practiced the Law of Attraction, I remembered that one of the principles of the Law of Attraction states that "when you start to visualize and become who you are suppose to become", you start to shed away all those things in your life that does not suit or identify with the new you, because differing energies cannot occupy the same space. It was clear to me that I’m evolving, therefore I no longer resonate to that energy that brought me together with that partner. Another funny thing too is that this business partner of mine, taught me a lot of the necessary skills that made me who I am today and I’m thankful for the knowledge. I accept what happened and I accept that this event simply IS.

Many times in my life, I hear doctrines that says we are suppose to embrace all the "good" and reject or shun the "bad". However, from this experience, I further appreciate the duality of the universe that we live with, that one needs to be able to recognise one side of the duality in order to appreciate the other side of the duality, such as "Poverty" and "Prosperity".

So, to conclude this post, I would like to make a point that the Law of Attraction sometimes gives you setbacks, trials and tribulations. However, when you hold dear to your faith in the Laws of the Universe, the Universe is friendly and ultimately gives you exactly what you want.

I’m thankful for the life I’m living now and the Successes that I’m currently experiencing as well as those that are brewing.

P.S. Just curious though, I know that another school of thought says that "one could express that angry side and get ‘even’. Therefore making yourself whole and recognising that side of you that is the opposite of ‘nice’, experiencing your own duality and becoming whole". Can I have your thoughts about that please? What do you think? In the quest for wholeness, should one experience wholeness through recognising personal dualities or experience wholeness through embracing harmony, peace and forgiveness? Or should it be both? Or does the circumstance depict your approach.


Joel Christopher Remendaban, aka The Master List Builder is the BIGGEST Crap Shit Scammer I’ve ever met! He came, pitched his thing, took people’s money, cheated my money, never delivered anything worthy and disappeared with the money, leaving a number of people jaded and lost. This is hard earned money! Some even got into debts because of his cheating scam.

I’m deleting this post because in my opinion, he does not deserve any good publicity.

Beware of him! Go ahead and do a Google search on "Joel Christopher Scam". I bet you’ll find something other than what I’m writing.

Many times I see good people seeking to make relationships work……. or people who lost hope on ever having a great relationship, I hope there was something that could just give them a little hope about relationships.

I also see friends of mine, whom… because they didn’t nurture their relationships well from the beginning, end up getting a seperation. Ain’t this sad, aren’t we all good people who just want relationships to work?

So why do couples choose to be “Right” rather than choose to be Harmonious? To choose to fight or choose to “teach the other a lesson” rather than talk it out and resolve? Is our egos so important that it is worth ruining a great relationship?

Barbara De Angelis said in an audio program, withholding information from your other half about even as trivial as something that happened at the workplace, is like putting a brick in between you and your loved one. When all these bricks finally become a brick wall, couples come to a stage where they say things like… “I know I love him/her, but I don’t feel like I’m IN LOVE with him/her”. Ain’t that tragic? When all that is needed to rekindle the love in that relationship is to open up communication again? Something to think about…

But rather than letting relationships come to a sorry stage, perhaps I could share with you some info that builds relationships properly, on a day-to-day basis so as to create a strong foundation in your relationship. For those who are single, I hope that the 10 things happy couples do can give you some added inspiration about relationships.

Ultimately, my hope for the world is for people to have happy, fulfilling relationships that nurture individuals as well as allow couples to attain couple goals, with strong and lasting love still growing from strength to strength. Hey, perhaps even the troubled youth situation could be reduced.

For the article on the 10 things happy couples do, please visit

Many of us have heard of the Law of Attraction and how it can be used to manifest Lasting Love and Meaningful relationships. However, how many of us have really tested it out and manifested the relationship we wanted? Allow me to share this story as it is one of the greatest success stories of my life.

In March 2000, I came out of a 5 year dysfunctional relationship which really drained me and left me jaded about relationships. It wasn’t really a question of who’s fault it was, I guess we were just not compatible for each other. Despite putting in a lot of effort to make the relationship work, it had always felt like we brought out the worst in each other and therefore had to end a bittersweet realtionship.

Over the next few months, I opened myself to healing and “took a break” from dating and partying. Synchronistically, somehow Rangy Gage’s audio program “Prosperity” landed into my possession and it taught me about the Law of Attraction and manifesting the dream relationship I always wanted. Initially I was skeptical about it but by faith I decided to put the law to the test. Moreover, at that time, I was ready to release all the old painful patterns of “getting into the wrong relationships”. (I know some of you can relate to this)

Here’s what I did. I wrote out on a piece of paper all the things I wanted in my dream relationship. I wrote them in 3 main categories:

  1. How does my dream girl look like
  2. What are the characteristics that I’m looking for in my girlfriend
  3. How are we going to complement each other

I wrote them down in point form, describing in detail. After which, I pasted the list next to my bed and I read it once before I went to sleep and once after I woke up. I did this everyday without fail.

Here’s the good part… (more…)