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In the midst of being busy with work and getting caught up with the “busyness”… Sometimes it is easy to get lost in work and miss looking at our “North Star” aka our Passion or our Purpose.

The effects of such a state of mind could lead to too much mind chatter and clutter, clouding clarity and vision. I must confess when I get really busy with the momentum of work, I get “Lost” in my work. When this happened to me today, I started to remember about Living in the NOW and eternal Present or Pre-sent moment. I started to be conscious of my own body and started to breathe deeply and take a good 30 sec breathing break, recognising the peace and tranquility in the moment.

Of course, the mind still plays tricks as it is simply a “Thought Producing Machine” but then I remember a statement I read in the book ‘The Last Hours Of Ancient Sunlight’. The statement said “the eternal present happens when a thought ends and another begins” and I started to focus on feeling and living in the present. I started to count my breaths…. 1… 2… 3… 4…… 1… 2… 3… 4…… 1… 2… (By the way, for beginner of meditation, it is good to just focus on 4 breaths counts in a row cos it keeps you in the present) and after a short while, I started to appreciate every moment of my living… my being (Being who I’m Being at the moment) and progressively, all became calm.

In the moment of calmness and presence, clarity came and I started to live my Passioned Purpose. That is to Live as a Spiritual Being, to Live as a Spiritual Journeyman, to Evolve as a Spiritual Consciousness.

Try it sometimes, you’ll start to appreciate Life and the Peace that comes with the Present.