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For the times when we need a little encouragement


Thought I wanted to talk about this.

I was putting some thought into this question and came up with the following conclusion.

Since our subconscious mind is most active right before we wake up and also that is the time when we haven’t got caught up by the day yet, so I concluded that the best time is still just before we wake up… when we are still caught up in that thin line between the dream world and our physical world.

Why? Cos our subconscious has got many layers, from alpha to theta state and Carl Jung even suggested that at the deepest level of our subconscious is that level called the super-consciousness or collective consciousness. This is that consciousness that we ALL share with the universe.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said: “When one makes a decision, the Universe conspires to make it happen.” The subconscious, being the bridge to the super-conscious therefore ‘carries’ our thoughts of manifestation into the super-conscious, by creating a “pinging” effect in the collective consciousness, aligning the universe in a perfection of “events” or “situations”, that is aligned to our original thought that was put forth as a decision or visualization or affirmation, by our conscious mind.

Therefore, perhaps the best time to practice the Law of Attraction is that time when we are “tuned in” in between our subconscious and conscious states. So that our conscious mind, without the clutter of the physical world we live in, sends a clear intent / decision to our subconscious, thereby channeling it to the super-consciousness aka the Universe.

The caution here is still…. be clear about your decision… cos if we keep changing our minds, those “pings” keep changing and a momentum doesn’t get built up due to shifting decisions. Remember, the Universe gives you what you ask for, all the time, springing forth our deepest expression of our ‘self’.

Hmmmm…… guess I just opened a can of worms here with that last statement cos there is something deeper that I gotta discuss too, called ‘The Sponsoring Thought’. Also known as “The thought behind the thought”. Cos if our sponsoring thought is not aligned to our conscious thought, it is tough to manifest our true desire. That sponsoring thought could be a belief or an emotion about ourselves, most of the time it is being implanted in our psyche from a very young age. And these things govern our daily actions and feelings, influencing our daily creation or re-creation of ourselves. Guess I’ll have to talk about that another time. Your comments are welcomed.