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I think I was around 18 years old when I heard a sermon about words having power.

When I watched “The Secret” again just recently, this thought of “Words Have Power” kept repeating in my head and I started observing people again…. as usual. This time I really wanted to listen to the words that people choose and observe what kind of emotions they are feeling… of course, me being the analytical person that I am, I then try to deduce what kind of mind-frame that person is living in, manifesting what kind of life. The question that I ask myself through these observations are then… How powerful are words, in relation to manifested reality? What does it take for people to be aware this cause-effect and choose to change something as simple as their words… or is it really that simple?

There is an example that I would like to share today:

A man who is talking to a friend over coffee. His friend asked: “How has our day been?” and the answer was terrible! It went along the lines of “That STUPID client of mine… DAMN troublesome. Cannot make a simple decision… so KIASEE (aka cowardly)! Waste my time. No Balls! ….. He went on and on and I was feeling so irritated by the negative vibes, I changed table….. but here’s the observation. In a short span of 15 mins, 3 other phone calls came in for this man and all of them were “bad”. One was about a deal that just got stolen by another agent, one was from an unhappy client asking for a refund and another one sounded like it was his wife on the other line and he was trying to shove her away by giving justifications that he was on a phone call. I saw this and I thought to myself: “I can’t imagine the kind of self talk that is happening in his mind on a daily basis. He must be suffering a great deal.” As for his friend, It seemed like he was being really nice to be a listening ear but I could see that he was feeling uneasy. I wonder what is his relationship with his wife like? If only this man could realise that his words are causing him anguish and possibly attracting more negativity and unhappiness in his life.

I’ve got a friend who regularly uses the word “Sorry”, almost in every conversation and talks a lot about how his boss treating him like a doormat. Is that word “Sorry” feeding the insecurity?

Another friend keeps using the word “Stressed” and constantly falls sick. What’s the connection there?

I’ve got another friend who uses the word “Busy” all the time but doesn’t seem to be able to get her job done on time. Always asking for extension of deadline.

On a positive light, I also got a friend who always says he’s GREAT and he says it with gusto! He has probably one of the most loving couple relationships I’ve ever seen.

So, do you think words have power?

In my humble opinion, words HAVE power. They are like the constant seeds that are being sown daily, growing into the harvest that we’ll have to reap one day. It affects every part of a person’s life. Emotionally, Mentally, Spiritually and Physically. Words are the medium in which we send our thoughts out into the universe, attracting back the same vibrations that are sent. My encouragement to you is to constantly be aware of the words that you use, cos words come forth from your thoughts, interpretations and belief systems, which inevitably shape or reinforce who you are. It becomes a self expression of who you are, thereby shaping the “reality” that you live in. It is so simple and yet powerful.

Watch your words my friend, choose them wisely, make it a habit. They could shape and nurture, they could also destroy. Choose healthy words. My wish for you is for you to have a happy, fulfilling life, with wonderful relationships.

I’ve got a free report from the Hendricks Institute entitled “How to Change Your Life with a Single Word”. It is in my free ebooks section. You might want to get a copy. Please enter your name and email on right sidebar and you’ll be given a link to that page. Other goodies there too.

Thoughts Become Reality!

That is one of the fundamental laws of the universe. If we look at everything all around us, all of them started off first as a thought. From a non-physical point of view, it could then be concluded that our thoughts about things and events shape our reality of happiness, sadness, peace, joy… perhaps even love. So then if thoughts become reality, what happens when chronic thoughts are repeated over and over again? What happens to the reality of that person? Of course if the thoughts are positive, they produce positive results but what if they are negative?

For discussion purpose, lets talk about chronic thoughts of “Wanting”. Many times I hear people pray and all they pray about are things like: “God, please give me…….”, “I don’t want ……… Please take this burden off me.” Prayers that springs from thoughts of wanting something, which if we look deeper, springs from thoughts of lack, limitation and separation from the source. With thoughts shaping reality, wouldn’t such thoughts just perpetuate the reality of wanting, yearning and longing? The reality of that person then becoming, “I’ve been asking and praying but I still don’t get it.” Why me? Poor me!

If what a person is seeking for is to achieve or have something, shouldn’t the thoughts then be thoughts of gratitude? Prayers that say: “Thank you for ………..” and “I’m grateful for ………..” kinds of prayers that is open to receiving instead of prayers and thoughts that keep producing the reality of wanting. The question that comes to mind here then is “Could it be that all that we are asking for has already been given to us but we are not yet open to receiving it?

So how to make the shift then? In my humble opinion, Perception is the key word here. If one perceives that one has no control aver the things that happen to them, then that becomes their reality. If one perceives that one could take responsibility of the things that are happening in one’s life and look at it as he/she has made conscious choices that led to this reality. Then perhaps…… a positive shift could happen, from victim-hood to victor-hood.

Ultimately, it surfaces one’s believe of a Source of Providence or a Source of Lack and Limitation. I know I’m opening a can of worms here with this discussion. However, let’s keep the discussion going so that we all can learn…… with an open mind of course. Be aware of your chronic thoughts my friend.

Many of us know about Goal Setting and how to go about doing it. There is the usual writing it down as though you have already achieved it, putting a date to it and even reading and re-reading it to feed your mind.

However, I’ve noticed that many still don’t get to their goals because of Procrastination. It is often easy to say “I’ll do it tomorrow” and go about our daily comfortable routine. I’ve also seen that some people come up with excuses like: “Geez. That was a busy day and I did a lot of THINGS.” However, when put under scrutiny, many of those “busy things” aren’t really necessary or progressive. Some would even justify that those “busy things” were necessary. Here’s what I saw on the Oprah show about The Secret. Lisa Nichols said something along the lines of “When you are ready and asking for a positive change, you gotta let go of the old stuff to receive the new!”

In the book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey mentions that it is the things that are Important but Not Urgent that need to be done first.

Therefore, to overcome procrastination, I use a very simple question daily that gives me a kick-in-the-butt. It has worked for me and I hope it’ll work for you too. Done with a positive tone, it motivates a person to do what is really necessary.

The question is “Is what I’m doing now going to get me one step closer to my ___________?” In my case, I’m into internet marketing and my goal is to make my first million dollars by Dec 2008. My question then is “Is what I’m doing going to get me closer to my million dollars?” When the answer is No, I still have a choice but it sure makes me feel uneasy not doing the necessary. Hope this helps.

If you’ve got other methods to overcome procrastination, please do share it. Comments are welcomed.

Many times in our lives, we remind ourselves to be ‘good’. To be noble, honourable, self controlled, positive, encouraging, nice etc. To strive to be even better, to be successful and to be the best that we can be.

However, one question comes to mind. Does being ‘good’ means the absence of ‘bad’? Of course we can be subjective and say that ‘good’ and ‘bad’ are matters of opinions. For this discussion, let’s stick with the common believe that ‘good’ means all things desirable and ‘bad’ means all things undesirable.

I witnessed an example yesterday in the elevator that sparked this question. Here’s what happened.

Mother and daughter (young kid) were in the elevator and daughter was angry over her friends teasing her. She was venting her frustration but mom and another bystander were insisting that she shouldn’t be angry, that anger is a ‘bad’ thing and it is ‘wrong’ to feel angry. The more they said those things, the angrier the young lady got…… Me being the busybody that I am then gave some attention to her anger and asked her what happened? She proceeded to explain what happened, which seemed to be working to relieve her anger but too bad…… she couldn’t finish and had to leave. (more…)

Got this from T Harv Eker’s newsletter today and thought I would like to share with you.

Many of us who are into attracting wealth sometimes forget this too. That while we go about our day to day, doing our best to become financially independent, we focus too much on “Our efforts to generate our returns” rather than “Asking and then receiving”. Not to sound too religious about asking, there is a force in the universe that gets moving when we ask.

The next step (in my opinion) after asking, is to be open to receiving. Receive well my friend.

Wealth File #10:

Rich people are excellent receivers.
Poor people are poor receivers.

If I had to nail down the number one reason most people do not reach their financial potential, it would be this: most people are poor ‘receivers’. They may or may not be good at giving, but they are definitely bad at receiving. And because they are bad at receiving, they don’t receive!

The main reason people are challenged by receiving is that they feel unworthy or undeserving. This syndrome runs rampant through our society. I would guess that over 90 percent of individuals have feelings of not being good.

The reality is, if you think you’re worthy, you are. If you think you’re not worthy, you’re not. Either way, you will live into your story!

To your success.